Why adventure travel is great for your mental fitness

Why Adventure Travel is Great For Your Mental Fitness via Red Bull Adventure

Adventure. Business. Humanity. – Matt Prior – Medium

An article Matt wrote. Quite the title but have a read and see how it all fits together...

Valley Uprising | Netflix

If you like the idea of freedom and living life to the full you'll enjoy this. (On Netflix)

BBC News

Fancy an adventure with the family?

Video: 'Where the Wild Things Play'

WATCH - ‘Where the Wild Things Play' http://bit.ly/2GybRPT by Outdoor Research

Meet the First British Woman to Go Around the World on Her Motorbike

Great short video - “The trip completely changed me as a person. Completely. You really are pushed to the absolute limit. It makes you grow, makes you stronger and you can take anything on."

Flashes of The Altai - BIKEPACKING.com

"A land of extremes, home to the coldest capital city in the world and the intense heat of the Gobi desert. Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth, yet has a rich and ancient history. The unique culture and astounding natural beauty has a mysterious allure, and we felt ourselves drawn to it.” Cool trip! BIKEPACKING.com


"Embracing The Unknown Is What Life Is All About." - Cool short film!

Ed March – Around The World On A 30-Year-Old Honda C90

Love this - “That is stupid. You can’t ride a Honda C90 around the world.” via Motorcycle.com

How Hiking Leads to Happiness

"You’d be hard-pressed to find a more natural way to clear your head." - Stanford University

The Frozen Road (Full Film)

WATCH: The Frozen Road: “Winter journey into the Canadian Arctic”

Photos from MP Adventure Academy's post

This is some very cool news! We've just locked in a recce to Bhutan AND almost everyone on the team are past participants of the Adventure Academy! The relationships we build don't just stop at the end of the course. Once you're part of the family, more opportunities are likely to arise!

The last few places for 2018 in Indonesia will go soon. Apply now so you don't miss out! >>> http://ow.ly/ORy2G <<<

How to escape the clutches of your comfort zone in 2018

"If you push the fear away, the only version of fear available to you will be its crazy, irrational, or contorted version. If you're willing to feel it, and merge with it, its energy and wisdom will appear. You start to become comfortable with being a little uncomfortable." Latest article Matt wrote for Red Bull

Mark's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Mark's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Couple globetrotting for 17 years heading home with 4 kids as souvenirs

Matt actually bumped into these guys in Laos when driving a London Taxi around the World! Incredible family. Incredible Trip.

From Adventure to Activism - Superyacht Life

When Emily Penn decided to hitchhike by boat from the UK to Australia aged 21, she had no idea it would shape her life and career for years to come!

Holly Butcher’s moving final letter goes viral after death

"A wise soul." - Holly Butcher leaves us with some wise words.

From Nazi Germany to Australia: The Incredible True Story of History’s Longest Kayak Journey

"With Germany in tatters, his small business bankrupt, Oskar Speck got into his kayak in 1932 for what would become an epic, seven-and-a-half-year paddle—30,000 miles, packed with hero’s welcomes and near-death escapes, all the way to Australia. But as Speck battled sharks, hostile locals, and malaria, Hitler rose to power and W.W. II began. This is the story of Speck’s voyage, an adventure nearly lost to history."

'Ice Maiden' team completes ski record

"This journey has had good times, bad times and great times for all concerned, and each of them, I know, has made us better people."

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

"Life at our edges isn’t simple or easy but it reminds us of who we are, our purpose and what is possible." via Sidetracked Magazine

Meet the man who travelled from India to London in a solar-powered auto

Meet the man who travelled from India to London in a solar-powered rickshaw!

How to start living without regret right now

"Even if you do absolutely nothing in your life that raises an eyebrow, you'll still get judged…so you may as well go for it." via Red Bull

Meet the first woman to break a world record and travel to all 196 countries

"The expedition really morphed me into the woman that I am now." via Red Bull

15 Skills Every Adventurer Needs

"If you’re well prepared for adventure and can find the humour in things not going according to plan, you’ll never stop exploring."

Happy New Year to you all! Here's to 2018 and a year of Adventure! 😎

Financial Advisor Leaves Job to Seek Adventure on 2 Wheels - ADV Pulse

Financial Advisor Leaves Job to Seek Adventure! via ADV Pulse

Woman embarks on solo round-the-world motorbike ride after ex-boyfriend told her it was 'too dangerous'

Nikki Embarks On Solo Round-the-World Motorbike Ride After Ex-Boyfriend Told Her It Was "Too Dangerous"! 😊 via Telegraph Travel

Mind-Blowing Video From Volcano’s Edge

"As kids we're gifted with an amazing sense of awe yet somehow time has a way of slowly taking that away from us. Staring into the centre of the earth I had that same child-like wonder and what it meant to truly feel alive!" via National Geographic Adventure​

Explorers Club HK | Home

Active? Into the outdoors? Fancy yourself as an Explorer? Matt is the Director of The Explorers Club, Hong Kong Chapter and they're looking for new members! Please feel free to spread the word! Their new website is now live!


It's been a good year!

"Over all the years if people didn’t have the 'can and will' spirit, we wouldn’t have got anywhere." Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Record-Breaking Russian Adventurer Says The World Needs More Explorers

"All we do is wage war, make money, and stuff ourselves."

A mystery adventure trip to Indonesia is the perfect holiday for thrill-seekers

"I’ve done a lot of expeditions and group travel trips but I have to say that by far the MP Adventure Academy offered the most unique experience to date." via the Metro

Business Insider

Another example of what's possible.. This family quit their jobs and sold their possessions to sail around the world! Business Insider

How to stop wasting time & start living your life

"We are wired to be outside, not cooped up in front of a screen comparing our lives to everyone else's highlight reels." An article Matt wrote for Red Bull

A great shot to end the adventure season for this year! Dates for 2018 will be released soon! Spaces will be limited. If you would like to keep updated, this is the best way, takes 10 seconds >> http://bit.ly/2dTUXhi

Paralyzed from the Waist Down, A Mountaineer Challenges the Impossible

"That experience really pushed me,” Anderson says. “It made me wonder what else is possible.” via Men's Journal

Overcoming other Commitments to Make Your Adventure Happen - Alastair Humphreys

"This much is true: expeditions have cost me time, money, relationships and messed with sensible life plans, pensions and promotion prospects. They do not make my life easy. They are selfish. But I do not regret any of them. Indeed, I regret a few that I have not done. For adventures have enhanced my life and – this is important – they have ultimately enhanced most of those things I just mentioned, too, despite the initial pain, suffering, worry, compromise and hassle. In other words, my journeys have been worth it in the long run." via Alastair Humphreys

This adventure holiday tests you to the limit with surprise activities

"It’s felt like months rolled into a week. For people considering doing this I would just say one thing. Do it. It's not a holiday, you're signing up for an adventure and it’s been pretty life-changing."

The first person account of the MP Adventure Academy by the Daily Mail is now live!

Apply Here: http://ow.ly/ORy2G

**Testimonials from last year** - http://bit.ly/2itHmOB

To Keep Updated: http://bit.ly/2dTUXhi


Sally's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Sally's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

This Is Your Brain On Nature

"Getting outside more often can help us manage stress better." via Thrive Global

17,000 Islands, Vast Forests, and Dense Cities: Experience Indonesia | National Geographic

A great video that sums up Indonesia in under 2 mins by National Geographic. A truly amazing country!

Sponsorship & Fieldwork Grants

Literally a library of Sponsorship and Grant opportunities to take you into the weekend via James Borrell Conservation

9 Things the Happiest People Have in Common

"Researchers think roughly 40% of our happiness is under our own control, with the rest determined by genetics and external factors." 40% is still a huge amount of control! via Thrive Global

This man can help you plan your own epic expeditions

"I think there's are a lot of people who are bored of mainstream travel." Matt had a chat with Adventure.com

Alastair Humphreys

"What I find scary is to do the same routine things over and over again and to just trundle through my brief allotted span of life."

What is an adventure?

What is an adventure?

Life Lessons From a 7,000-Mile Bike Ride

Great Short Film - "The routine is the enemy of time" via National Geographic Adventure

Beerbike Budapest