"Over all the years if people didn’t have the 'can and will' spirit, we wouldn’t have got anywhere." Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Record-Breaking Russian Adventurer Says The World Needs More Explorers

"All we do is wage war, make money, and stuff ourselves."

A mystery adventure trip to Indonesia is the perfect holiday for thrill-seekers

"I’ve done a lot of expeditions and group travel trips but I have to say that by far the MP Adventure Academy offered the most unique experience to date." via the Metro

Business Insider

Another example of what's possible.. This family quit their jobs and sold their possessions to sail around the world! Business Insider

How to stop wasting time & start living your life

"We are wired to be outside, not cooped up in front of a screen comparing our lives to everyone else's highlight reels." An article Matt wrote for Red Bull

A great shot to end the adventure season for this year! Dates for 2018 will be released soon! Spaces will be limited. If you would like to keep updated, this is the best way, takes 10 seconds >> http://bit.ly/2dTUXhi

Paralyzed from the Waist Down, A Mountaineer Challenges the Impossible

"That experience really pushed me,” Anderson says. “It made me wonder what else is possible.” via Men's Journal

Overcoming other Commitments to Make Your Adventure Happen - Alastair Humphreys

"This much is true: expeditions have cost me time, money, relationships and messed with sensible life plans, pensions and promotion prospects. They do not make my life easy. They are selfish. But I do not regret any of them. Indeed, I regret a few that I have not done. For adventures have enhanced my life and – this is important – they have ultimately enhanced most of those things I just mentioned, too, despite the initial pain, suffering, worry, compromise and hassle. In other words, my journeys have been worth it in the long run." via Alastair Humphreys

This adventure holiday tests you to the limit with surprise activities

"It’s felt like months rolled into a week. For people considering doing this I would just say one thing. Do it. It's not a holiday, you're signing up for an adventure and it’s been pretty life-changing."

The first person account of the MP Adventure Academy by the Daily Mail is now live!

Apply Here: http://ow.ly/ORy2G

**Testimonials from last year** - http://bit.ly/2itHmOB

To Keep Updated: http://bit.ly/2dTUXhi


Sally's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Sally's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

This Is Your Brain On Nature

"Getting outside more often can help us manage stress better." via Thrive Global

17,000 Islands, Vast Forests, and Dense Cities: Experience Indonesia | National Geographic

A great video that sums up Indonesia in under 2 mins by National Geographic. A truly amazing country!

Sponsorship & Fieldwork Grants

Literally a library of Sponsorship and Grant opportunities to take you into the weekend via James Borrell Conservation

9 Things the Happiest People Have in Common

"Researchers think roughly 40% of our happiness is under our own control, with the rest determined by genetics and external factors." 40% is still a huge amount of control! via Thrive Global

This man can help you plan your own epic expeditions

"I think there's are a lot of people who are bored of mainstream travel." Matt had a chat with Adventure.com

Alastair Humphreys

"What I find scary is to do the same routine things over and over again and to just trundle through my brief allotted span of life."

What is an adventure?

What is an adventure?

Life Lessons From a 7,000-Mile Bike Ride

Great Short Film - "The routine is the enemy of time" via National Geographic Adventure

10 Basic Rules For Adventure - semi-rad.com

10 Basic Rules For Adventure via Semi-Rad

Rich's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Rich's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Apply Now - http://ow.ly/ORy2G

Great Pacific Race: Rowing 2400 Miles across the Pacific Ocean - looking for Female Adventurers

Great Pacific Race: Rowing 2400 miles across the Pacific Ocean - **Looking for female adventurers!** via Explorers Connect

Life Coach

Well worth watching and a great insight into expedition life via The North Face

Timelapse: 30 Days of a Cargo Ship in 10 Minutes and 80,000 Photos

WATCH: Ever considered hitching a ride on a ship instead of flying?

David's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

David's Thoughts On The Adventure Academy

Apply Now - http://ow.ly/ORy2G

Epic Mountain Climb Proves "Exploration Is Not Dead"

"This was old-school, real, turn-of-the-century adventure," says photographer Cory Richards. "It was everything that exploration and adventure is and can be."

Ian Finch

"In a world that's changing and so fast paced, there's never been a more important time to understand how beautiful the natural world is" Great short film by Ian Finch and blacks.co.uk

BBC Radio 4

Great opportunity!

Photos from MP Adventure Academy's post

A few more from September without giving too much away! An article will be coming out next month from a first person point of view on what it's like to come away with the Adventure Academy... 😎

The village coming to life as the sun rises on the most recent trip in September!

Photos from MP Adventure Academy's post

**Story From The Field**

Matt and his friend Baz recently helped out a stranded Russian couple in Namibia, Olga and André. The weather conditions were poor and they decided to hook a left off road and head towards to the coast. They were miles from anywhere, no phone signal, basic equipment or supplies and became stuck in deep wet sand and had clearly been there for a while. The tide was coming in and things could of gone from bad to worse quite quickly. While it was nice to be able to be on the helping end of things for once, and we're always up for pushing things a bit, it's a good reminder to make sure you're prepared for what you're planning on doing and have thought about worse case scenarios, especially in such isolated environments.

They randomly met Baz in Heathrow airport on the way home and have just sent a bottle of bubbly to say thank you! :)

Pictures from the Namibia trip are going up here: https://www.instagram.com/mattprioruk/ (They didn't get any of this event unfortunately as they were more concerned about helping.)

Take care out there!

National Geographic Travel : Ventura to Death Valley

Cool 48hr Adventure with National Geographic and Scott G Toepfer Photographer


Great to see the benefits of the outdoors used in this way to help others! :) First Hike Project The Feed SBS VICELAND

The September course is about to kick off!! Looking forward to it! 😎

BBC News

Fancy an adventure with the family?

Questions to Help you Find Time for Adventure - Alastair Humphreys

Questions to Help you Find Time for Adventure!

Matt Prior Adventure Academy

Some of the video testimonials from this year so far as promised! 😎

**Apply for the last spot available in 2017 here: http://ow.ly/ORy2G (18-24th Sept 2017)**

How to start living without regret right now

"How would you like your story to read if you sat down at the end of your life to read it?" via Red Bull

The Best Adventure Photography of 2017

Pure Inspiration! #adventure

Unfortunately none of us were lucky enough to be in the right part of the world to see this but Ted Hesser caught an epic adventure shot of the solar eclipse!

What life is all about...

How One Man Realized His Dream of Visiting Every Country

It took him 50 years. On the way he was chased by water buffalo, broke a few bones, ate weird foods, was arrested, robbed, and almost lynched. Worth a read...

Ed Stafford, Explorer | Adventure-gram - Mpora

“We all lead pretty detached lives now. We eat processed food, tan under bulbs, and take blue tablets to have sex.”

"It’s not just about a mountain in winter, but about having a dream; about taking on a great challenge and then struggling as hard as you can to reach your goal." bit.ly/2wp932O

5 Packing Tips from Outdoor Pros

"If you don’t pack thoughtfully, you’ll be uncomfortable at best—or dangerously unprepared at worst."

The man who swims to work

"It's faster and more relaxing than sitting in traffic."

Timeline Photos

Bored? Frustrated? Need an adventure but you can only get a week off? Look no further... 😎

A last min drop out means there's one more spot available for 2017! (18-24th Sept)

**APPLY NOW** - http://ow.ly/ORy2G

**Testimonials from last year** - http://bit.ly/2itHmOB

To Keep Updated: http://bit.ly/2dTUXhi


How to Stop Social Media From Completely Ruining Your Life

"You must be disciplined with your usage or you will waste the best years of your life sat on your arse in front of a screen. Hardly a great obituary." Matt's latest article for Red Bull

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